Massage Therapy

We have exceptional Licensed Massage Therapists in the office that are here to meet your specific physical needs. Whether you need a gentle soothing massage or truly deep tissue work, we can accommodate you. You and Dr. Allen can decide what would be best for your condition and together decide what style massage would work best for your specific condition.

Massage therapy works very well in conjunction with chiropractic adjustments. Some clients prefer the massage after the adjustment to help re-train the muscles to stay in the proper position after re-alignment of bones. Others feel the benefit of greater relaxation during the adjustment by having a massage prior to the adjustment. We make sure we get your feedback so we can get you back to optimal health in the shortest time possible.

With our highly trained massage therapists, you will not be getting just a regular "spa massage", the women here are specially trained to work with specialized techniques such as trigger point therapy, prenatal massage, neuro-muscular re-education and in some cases propioceptive neuromuscular facilitation. They will help you with stretching and even some therapeutic activities during the course of the massage. We will specialize your specific massage to target the specific areas you are having the most problems with.

Keep in mind that just because you are having a little more done here than in your day spa doesn't mean you are going to feel as though you have been worked out to hard. We begin slowly and work more deeply as your care plan progresses. You may feel a little muscle soreness after a good massage, so it is not uncommon to feel a little "good soreness" the next day after a massage. During and after the massage the muscles tend to release toxins which can cause some soreness as well.  It is advised that you drink a great deal of water the day of your massage.